Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It All Started With A House

Hello and welcome to my new blog! I've been meaning to get this blog started for a while, but as things usually work in my world, it didn't happen when I wanted it to. Perhaps you followed me over from my previous blog Re-Writing Motherhood and you've been following my story for awhile. Perhaps you're brand new to the crazy world I inhabit. In that case, pull up a chair, have a seat, and enjoy!

Every good story begins with the proper introduction of the protagonist, so without further ado...
Hi! Once upon a time, I was a married stay-at-home mom, who worked on a novel sporadically, and long before her kids came along, had had some poetry and poems published and had written some plays a time or two. But sometimes life takes a wild left turn. Today I'm newly 40, happily single, a boring insurance administrator by day, and artsy fartsy writer/crafter/general chaos creator by night and weekend. I'm what would happen if Dharma from Dharma and Greg or Phoebe from Friends had a Master's degree in English (and a trio of naughty pets who chase each other over her computer keyboard making the letter pads fall off and the caps lock key stick). I am hopelessly dorky, unabashedly whimsical, delightful, maddening, and probably half crazy. Hot mess, thy name is Brittany. Welcome everyone to Crazytown!

You will be happy to know that you have been spared a year and a half of introspective, post-divorce angst. What is on offer today is a snapshot of a much happier, sunnier, funnier (anyone ever tried online dating? It's comedy gold!) life. If you stick around, I guarantee a corncucopia of misadventure: funny kid and pet stories, writing updates, DIY, pinterest fails, and most likely, lots of stories about being a single woman in Upstate New York (it's nothing like Sex in the City, if that's what you were thinking).

I'm sure I will also post a-nauseatingly-lot about the current love of my life, my adorable little bungalow that I bought and moved into this summer. Sometimes, a girl just needs her own space, and here, I can paint the walls turquoise and bid a fond adieu to a past that, chromatically, was very beige. 
It's a happy house and a happy life, and here, I can share it with you.


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